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Kerri Ainsworth is a designer whose work in film, television and the corporate sector has earned her an outstanding reputation for originality and creativity. Her designs include interiors for corporate, commercial and residential fit-outs, in addition to sets for feature films, television, exhibitions and events.

Recent projects, such as the modern, fun interior of the new Sydney International Film School, have sealed her reputation for ingenuity and a theatrical bent. Confident with the use of unusual materials, Kerri has a talent for creative interpretation and quality of result, whose innovative designs are highly regarded in Sydney's artistic and cultural community.

Kerri art directed the famous Deep Sea Dreaming segment for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

The Designing Woman offers a complete design service, including concept drawings, plans and models, as well as project management.

Kerri Ainsworth is a unique designer whose work resonates with energy and innovation and she caters specifically to clients' individual requirements with panache and sensitivity.  “Cream of the Crop”, Kitchen & Bathroom Style, Vol 1, No 5, 2005